My Old Blog

For about ten years I blogged about my journey into and first years of religious life at Musings of a Discerning Woman.


While I am transitioning to this new personal blog, I am keeping the old blog live. If you are curious about my transition from bureaucrat to Gen-X nun, you might want to give it a visit.

1 thought on “My Old Blog

  1. What do I have to do to commit myself into the nunnery, not as a nun persay but as a servant to the nuns and the Church. I do have debt pending but I really need to live my life like in peace and I don’t find peace here is this outside world. I only option is to give up being a kindly serving person that I am to be what someone wants me to be and hurt people I love. I can’t take it anymore. Please give me info to start this process so I can do good and be happy for doing so.


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