My religious community

I am a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace. You can read more about us by visiting our website, but I’ll take a moment to share a little bit here.

We were founded in 1884 by Mother Francis Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack), a woman of vision and courage who named us St. Joseph’s Sisters of Peace in the hope that it would inspire a desire for and love for peace.  I continue to be inspired by her story, her writings, and her vision for a community that would pursue social justice as a path to peace.

I am also inspired by the women (vowed Sisters) and lay associates (men and women) who make up our community today. Together, we pursue social justice as a path to peace. We trust that Christ’s blessing to peacemakers will sustain us, and that God working in us will accomplish more than we could ask or imagine.


5 thoughts on “My religious community

  1. I really liked your piece on habits of the heart. It was a very good way for each of the two options to be viewed–without the judgments that almost automatically come up.


  2. Susan, I am so sorry about the recent fire in your community buildings. God be with you in this unexpected transition and loss for the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace!
    Mary L


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