Come Be in My Heart … a video prayer

I’m bringing another bloggy tradition to the new blog … video prayer reflections. I discovered a few years ago that selecting pictures and putting them to music in a video is a very creative prayer form for me … one that I usually end up doing late a night!  The finished products are also great for contemplation and reflection. I return to them myself from time to time, and share them on my YouTube Channel and the blog.

Here’s the latest addition to the collection. This video prayer reflection is set to “Come be in my heart,” a beautiful song by Sara Thomsen I first heard at our Congregation Chapter last month.

Wisdom, compassion, love, understanding

Come be in my heart!

2 thoughts on “Come Be in My Heart … a video prayer

  1. It is amazing what you can find on the ipad. I love your article on friendship, grief and play. I am 72 years young at heart and I love my active Sisters who are ninety plus years. They are more experienced in wisdom and joy.
    I love what you did with music and photos. Continue.


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