Grief, Play & Friendship – New Global Sisters Report Column

GlobalSistersReportFor the past few months I have been a monthly contributor to the Horizons Column at Global Sisters Report, dedicated to the reflections of younger Catholic Sisters. My latest column was just posted. It’s not the column I was planning to write this month, but it is the one that kept coming to my heart and that my fingers wanted to type. I generally find that in such cases, what I am writing needs to be said and shared.  Here’s a snippet:

I recently found myself playfully adapting the opening line from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

Thinking about, and praying for, some younger Catholic sister friends who are grieving the loss of dear wisdom women in their religious communities, I repurposed the quote in my mind and heart: “It is a truth increasingly acknowledged, that a younger Catholic sister blessed with friendship in community, must be in want of religious life age peers.” …

Increasingly, my experience of religious life friendship – both intergenerationally in community and with religious life age peers – has confirmed my belief that engaging in play together makes us better able to grieve and live into the unknown future of religious life.

You can read the rest over at Global Sisters Report.

And on that note …. I am headed out of town this weekend for some much needed “play” time with a Giving Voice Sister friend!

4 thoughts on “Grief, Play & Friendship – New Global Sisters Report Column

  1. Susan,
    Thank you! Your article touched me deeply. I am a 55 year old sister who happens to be the prioress general of our congregation. Your words moved me into deep reflection on all those women who I have laughed with and grieved at their diminishment and passing. And in the end, all I can offer to God is abundant gratitude. Blessings on your continual journey in this wonderful life we have been called to embrace. Rebecca Ann


    1. So glad my thoughts resonated with you. Thank you for your comments and blessings on your ministry of leadership. That is an adventure I am a actually about to begin in January as part of our newly elected team.


  2. Thank you for sharing your truth so beautifully. I am at the other end of the age spectrum. Just happen to think:The power of joy in our religious calling!😍 keep writing!


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