Begin, tomorrow my vacation will

yodavacationWelcome to the blog!  Feel free to read the archives and stay tuned for future posts after the first of the year.

I am taking a much needed vacation before I begin my new adventures. Hence, I will be off grid and electronic media until later in January.

In the words of my community’s constitutions:

We recognize the value of leisure
as contributing to restoration and wholeness. (Constitution 54)

Or, as Master Yoda might put it:

Away you must go, relaxation you need. Hmmm…?

2 thoughts on “Begin, tomorrow my vacation will

  1. Susan ~ I’m very late in congratulations, but great job making through a seemingly unsurmountable challenge, getting through all of your school work and laying a foundation for your work coming up on Leadership. I’m so glad you scheduled this time to relax and enjoy a holiday. I look forward to seeing you again in Bellevue soon. Be well, take good care, Diane


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