Collegeville Photo Journal

Tomorrow morning it is time to lock the door to Apartment 3 at the Collegville Institute, my home away from home for the past month, and start the drive home to New Jersey. This time as a short term resident scholar has been filled with many graces, not the least of which have been rest, reflection, reading and writing. I finished a small reflection book on St. Joseph and have an outline, a good bit of reasearch and a large reading list for a larger writing project on sowing peace in chaotic times.

Our pandemic reality has made this month a mostly solitary experience, but I have had company … the trees, the fields, the lakes, sun, clouds, and even snow! In the midst of everything, seasons continue to change, a reminder that crazy as things might seem, the rhythm of life continues and invites us to pay attention.

5 thoughts on “Collegeville Photo Journal

  1. Thank you, Susan for sharing these photos as a “mini retreat” for me. October is my favorite month, but staying at home confined my enjoyment to Seabury Lane and there were many bright and colorful fall moments here as well. Love and prayers, Ann


  2. Thank you for sharing your written as well as visual reflections. It looks like you were encircled by the arms of loving changing seasons. May the fruit of your time in MN continue to nourish your soul!


  3. Words just get in the way of this photo journal capturing some of the beauty of nature and of your time at St. John’s. Thanks for sharing these


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