Resting in God – a photo journal

With all happening in our world this past week, from Afghanistan to extreme climate events to challenging events in the lives of some folks I know, this was an interesting time to be on retreat. I don’t think I fully understood, until I got to the spot of grace and beauty that is Mercy by the Sea, how very tired and weary I have been. I wasn’t entiretly surprised, given the past year and a half in the time of COVID. Plus the fact that I just finished a six and a half year term of leadership for my religious community and have started a second term. What was suprising was the depth of my need for rest. Lucky me … a whole week to rest with God. A privilege really. A luxury. The grace and beauty of this time, for me, has been God’s abundant presence. And my own presence to the wonder of God’s creation.

I usually have so many words rumbling around my head. It can make it harder for me listen for the voice of God. Sixteen years ago, on my first silent directed retreat, the invitation was to let go of the words and focus instead on images. Ever since, on retreat, I feel drawn to pay attention to the beauty of creation through a contemplative photography practice. Resting my eyes on signs of God’s creating presence, God’s love.

2 thoughts on “Resting in God – a photo journal

  1. Hello Sister Susan! I used to read your blog years ago when you first entered religious life and I was just now perusing my old blog links and found this blog and was happy to see you’re still writing in 2021! As I scrolled, there was that photo of the water and a bench and I thought—-man, that looks like Mercy (my local retreat center) and sure enough, it was! You were at Mercy by the Sea! I’m glad you loved your week there. It is truly a lovely place isn’t it? My retreat this year was in August, though it was shortened because we had a hurricane predicted to make landfall in Madison, so they cancelled… but then the hurricane’s path changed and I was able to get a few days of a private retreat after all. I’m glad you were able to enjoy Connecticut! I hope you come back! God bless you, Susan and all the best to you.


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