Margaret Anna Fridays – God’s Infinite Love

Mother Francis Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack)
Mother Francis Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack)

Periodically on Fridays I will share some words of wisdom from the founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Known in religion as Mother Francis Clare, Margaret Anna Cusack was a prolific writer in her day. The following quote comes from a book she wrote on the Beatitudes which I was lucky enough to borrow from the archives during my novitiate.

Everything in our spiritual life is in one sense plain, and yet in another, full of mystery.  Of one thing, indeed, we are sure – that God loves us with an infinite love, that He desires our perfection as well as our salvation, that He is ever helping us to attain that perfection, and that we, alas! are constantly placing obstacles in our way.

~M.F. Cusack, The Book of the Blessed Ones 1874

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