Morning Musings – Hudson River Edition

Today is a glorious day here at east coast groovy sister hq. Later this morning we will celebrate our Jubilarians. This morning I decided to take the fair weather and sunshine as an opportunity to enjoy God’s creation.

Our campus here is nestled on the top of the palisades,  essentially a mountain along the Hudson. Today I ventured down along the river, walking on the Shore Trail in the Palisades Interstate park, from below the GW Bridge to just below our property.

As I sat on a rock along the river, gazing at nature and iconic symbols of progress, I was struck by the juxtaposition.

Of fowl and frenzy
Of tranquility and transition
Of creation and commerce.

This land is home to so many for so long … birds and groundhogs and other creatures. The native peoples who must have been awed by the high cliffs above. The settlers and immigrants from across the ocean. The teeming masses, the hustle and bustle,  the poverty and prosperity.

And here I sit, on a rock, today gazing upon it all past, present, and that which is yet to come.

Simply amazing.



4 thoughts on “Morning Musings – Hudson River Edition

  1. Looking at the picture shows man’s insistence on landmarks. The bridge leaves a mark, yet makes travel possible in a shorter time. People can come together more easily using it. There is still natural beauty if only more people took time to enjoy it.


  2. I was at St Micheal’s back in 1965. I graduated from immaculate heart academy in 65. I now live in Las Vegas. I love the pictures! My room overlooked the Hudson River. I heard about you through our parish bulletin.


    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Linda. Glad you found this little corner … amazing that you heard about me in your bulletin. . St. Michael’s is indeed a special spot. And a view of the river!


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